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If you’re feeling stuck when it comes to figuring out what your action plan is on social media or just how your brand looks in general, let’s get working!


Social Media Strategy

Let’s map out a brand strategy on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

You’ll learn how to properly post with the algorithms, build a following, what scheduling and analytics tools to use, how to optimize your profiles to get the furthest reach, what content you should be sharing, and how to create a cohesive brand aesthetic that will build a loyal following.

See my Social Media work.


Art Direction

Creating concepts is my pb&j. Let me help you create the story for your brand. From colors, to the lifestyle you want to portray, we can create it out of thin air.

Art direction includes: creating a concept through mood boards, producing shoots through finding locations, casting models, and maintaining budgets, and styling the pieces, props, and decor.

See my Art Direction work.



Whether for a stylized photo shoot or just for you and your closet, styling is always needed. When you feel good about what you're wearing, you become so much more confident and feel like the real you.

I have been a buyer for various clothing companies, styled photo shoots, designed swimwear, and have been a personal stylist for clients of all shapes and sizes.

See my Styling work.