Social Media shouldn’t be hard.

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It can actually be easy!

There’s a reason people call me the queen of social media. And it’s not because I’ve got a good amount of followers. Even though, *dust my shoulders off* I do! No, people call me the social media queen because I’ve been on the front lines of social media since the start. I’ve been the customer, the retailer, the service-provider, the photographer, the creative director, the model, the editor. I’ve played every role. 

And now I’m here to help you get to where you want to be on your social media!

Let me show you where I started...

I was a nerd at 11 years old, spending my summers indoors learning photoshop and HTML so I could build MySpace layouts for people. I had a MySpace layout page with over 14,000 friends where I would help create their own little oasis on the inter-webs. (I kinda miss those days; choosing your top 5 friends and which song was featured on your profile...ah, simpler times).


Then Facebook became the “Thing” where we wrote ridiculous status updates of how we were feeling.

Fashion blogging became a real thing in 2010, and at 14, I started with the likes of Fashion Toast and Late Afternoon. There, I found my style and created my own little world. Enter Instagram in 2012; the buzzing word around my high school halls that we all were trying to figure out.


I started my Instagram by sharing a picture of bird poop on my family’s mailbox, cause...#nofilter? 

#Blessed for the 3 likes I received on that. Then it turned into sharing my blog and style.

In 2015, I embarked on creating my own online boutique, about 1 year before everyone else figured out they could do it too. I started the Instagram 6 months before we launched our website, and by the time we did, we had 6,000 followers and customers lining up for when our virtual doors opened.

From a viral Pinterest campaign with over 19,000 repins to Blake Lively liking one of our posts,

I’ve tried and tested and nerded out over social media and its best practices. Because of my expertise and good eye, I was brought on to a multi-million dollar company to handle their social media, with no college degree. Being a pioneer of the socials has been an interesting ride for sure, but if there’s one thing I know, it’s how to do them. So let me help you with yours! 

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 I’ve managed social media for:

  • influencers

  • musicians

  • online boutiques

  • wholesalers

  • service-providers

  • apps

  • experiences

  • schools

  • direct sales consultants 

  • And more!

Finally, the answers to your questions!

  • What should you post?

  • What should you say?

  • What can you do differently? 

  • How can you gain more followers?

  • What can you do better than your competitors? 

  • What tools should you be using?

  • Who are you speaking to?

  • What’s the best way to speak to them?

  • How can you create a visually pleasing brand that isn’t cookie cutter?

  • How can you come across in a way that connects?

  • How can you perform well and always get engagement?

  • How can you convert likes and follows to sales?

  • What can you do to stand out? 


I can answer all of these questions for you!


I will build a personalized strategy for your brand, including:

Name, Bio, Feed Diagnosis

Content Creation Ideation

Tools for Ultimate Engagement

Hashtags to Attract Your Perfect Audience

What You Need to Make Your Brand Be Different

Creating Content That Converts & Connects

How to Build a Connection that Keeps Customers Loyal

All for $75

This includes me walking you through everything listed above catered to you and your goals for one hour over Skype.



if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge, grab my ebook on creating a gorgeous Instagram feed for $7.